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Celebrity Sightings At Wimbledon 2023 - Day 8© GettyImages

Cara Delevingne gushes about her girlfriend Minke as they celebrate their second anniversary

They are both 31 year-old artists

Jovita Trujillo
Jovita Trujillo - Los Angeles
Senior WriterLos Angeles
JUNE 5, 2024 5:58 PM EDT

Cara Delevingne is happy and in love! The model has dated many famous faces in the industry, but has been in a relationship for two years with a singer named Minke. Delevingne opened up about their relationship on social media for their second anniversary, where she shared how lucky she feels to have found the “perfect person.”

Celebrity Sightings At Wimbledon 2023   Day 8© GettyImages
The couple went viral in 2023 as they enjoyed Wimbledon

The 31-year-old gushed about her girlfriend and their time spent together. “Two magical years with you and so many pictures of us kissing in front of things,” she wrote in the caption. “These past two years have been A LOT of life. A lot of change, growth, pain, and most importantly LOVE and I am so lucky to have found the perfect person to ride life’s ups and downs with. I cannot imagine living life without you,” Delevingne continued.

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Delevingne and the London-raised artist met 20 years ago in boarding school and reconnected in 2022 after meeting at an Alanis Morissette concert, per ELLE. “I spent so long looking for my partner in crime, little did I know that it would be someone I went to school with (and had a baby gay crush on)” she wrote.

Who is Minke?

Celebrity Sightings At Wimbledon 2023   Day 8© GettyImages

Minke’s real name is Leah Mason, and she is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. When she was 18, she was signed to a Nashville label trying to make it as a blues artist, but it wasn’t the genre she wanted to stick with. She told The Last Magazine, “I wanted to branch out and develop to be a lot more relevant. I was a 23-year-old at that point and I wanted to write about the reality of what was going on.”

She ditched the blues, got back in the studio, and came up with the idea of Minke, creating a pop-influenced sound with blues roots. Her breakout song came in 2017, “Gold Angel.”

How she’s helped Delevingne

While Minke continues to make a name for herself in the industry, she has been in her A-list girlfriend’s corner, showing her a new side of life. Delevingne told Elle, “My girlfriend has been really wonderful in introducing me to a lot of things and people.”

She also credited her as one of her biggest supporters throughout her sobriety. “Being with my girlfriend, in this relationship, there are just so many things that came at once that have made me so happy and comfortable with who I am,” the model continued.