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Cazzu reappears on social media with adorable snap of her and daughter Inti© @cazzu

Cazzu reappears on social media with adorable snap of her and daughter Inti

Christian Nodal’s former partner shared a glimpse of a special moment with her baby

Senior Writer
JUNE 5, 2024 3:28 PM EDT

After publicly announcing her breakup with Christian Nodal, Cazzu channels all her energy into her daughter Inti and her return to the stage. A few days after sharing a glimpse of her baby’s new room, the Argentine singer reappeared on Instagram to post a heartwarming photo with her little girl. Recently, the singer surprised her more than 13.5 million followers on this social network with a photo featuring her daughter, enjoying a special mother-daughter moment together, showcasing her unwavering dedication to her family and her career.

Cazzu© @cazzu

Cazzu shared a photo taken at her new home, where she is seen without makeup, wearing pajamas, and holding her baby Inti. The picture shows the baby nestled on her chest while the singer lovingly embraces him. Like her previous post, this new image of Cazzu and Inti quickly went viral.

Cazzu© @cazzu

In all the photos she shares of Inti, the baby looks very sweet, wearing a crochet sweater with rose designs and a white bow on her head. This outfit is perfect for resting in her mother’s arms. After breaking up with her daughter’s father, Cazzu has been focusing on this new stage with her daughter. She wrote to her baby last April, “Let them take everything from me except you,” alongside an album of images where we see them in the recording studio, just a couple of weeks before publicly announcing her separation from Nodal.

In December 2022, shortly after beginning her relationship with Nodal, Cazzu commented in an interview with Ventaneando on how challenging it was for her to deal with press accusations: “It is very difficult for me because I am not a public figure. I only make music, and deal with everything else that happens... I do not really understand how the press works, and it creates a lot of conflict for me to see so many people lying about you,” she bravely mentioned on that occasion.

Cazzu© @cazzu

After separating from Nodal, Cazzu has decided to keep a low profile. Unlike her ex, who has given interviews for the programs Hoy and El Gordo y la Flaca, the singer has chosen to remain silent about the situation and find solace in her daughter and her new music. Despite not wanting to speak about it, the Argentine singer shared these moments with her baby and followers. Since the baby’s birth, he has received a lot of love and affection from the public.