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ge Collage U11681375817wnu© @garance.zl @fedez

Fedez seemingly finds new love three months after separating from Chiara Ferragni

The Italian actor and French model, who is 14 years younger than him were seen holding hands

MAY 28, 2024 8:59 PM EDT

Fedez seems to have found a new woman that has brought a smile back to his face three months after announcing his separation from the mother of his children, Chiara Ferragni. The 34-year-old Italian artist had very fun weekend in Monaco, where he watched the Grand Prix with friends. However, fans noticed that he was not alone, as he was accompanied by a young woman whom he delicately took by the hand. As soon as the images went viral on social media, people identified her as 20-year-old French model Garance Authié.

Fedez© @Fedez

Federico Leonardo Lucia, the singer's real name, was not keeping Garance a secret. He shared some photos where she was among his group of friends, and a solo picture of her eating pasta. While the images seemed like a “soft launch” people are wondering if they are just good friends.

Fedez© @Fedez

For the rest of the trip, Fedez was more subtle with his stories as they enjoyed the weekend, at one point having fun on a yacht. Once he made it home, he made it clear that he was sad to be back alone, sharing a photo sitting inside with a house emoji and broke heart emoji.

Fedez© @Fedez

Who is Garance Authié?

Curiosity spread after seeing Fedez’s posts, and people quickly investigated who Garance is and if there is any history between the two. The Italian press already calls her his girlfriend because of the photos of them holding hands. They highlight that since March, they have been seen together in Paris and Miami.

They also reportedly attended the Coachella festival last April, just a couple of weeks after his separation from Ferragni, to whom he was married for five years, after three years of dating. Some followers have even noticed a resemblance between Garance and Chiara.

Garance Authié© GettyImages

Garance was born in 2004, and began her modeling career at the age of nine. Besides modeling, which she has dreamed of since childhood, she has a great interest in dance and horse riding. Additionally, she studies management and finance at the IE Business School in Madrid.

Her work as a model led her to walk at the OniriQ Fashion Show last week, and she was also part of the Thalie show at Paris Fashion Week. She has graced several magazines representing huge brands for print and the runway.