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Jennifer Garner celebrates her mother’s birthday with adorable and hilarious videos

Patricia Garner is celebrating her 86th birthday.

Maria Loreto
Senior Writer
MAY 16, 2024 6:14 PM EDT

Jennifer Garner is tributing her mother on her birthday. Patricia is celebrating her 86th birthday, with Garner sharing a post online filled with videos of herself and her mother, including several ones where Pat is instructing her daughter on various recipes through FaceTime phone calls.

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The post is made up of various videos and a photo, showing Pat and Garner in different situations. Many show Pat sharing some wisdom in the kitchen, including some advice on cooking with buttermilk, chocolate, and an efficient way of cutting sweet potatoes. The sole photo of the post was an old and faded image of Pat when she was a young girl, smiling brightly at the camera and looking very much like her daughter.

“This is a Pat Garner stan account,” wrote Garner in her post, adding a heart and a crying laughing emoji. “I love you, Mom, happy 86th birthday!”

Garner’s Mother’s Day celebration

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Last week, Garner celebrated Mother’s Day with a tribute to her mom, sharing some photos of her mother and Garner’s sisters, Susannah and Melissa. The photos show the four at different points in their lives, showing them when the girls were kids, in various travels, and a more recent image of them all dressed up.

“Happy Mother’s Day to our awesome, fun and cozy Mom,” Garner wrote. “Thank you for teaching us to stop and appreciate beauty around us, Mom, we are so lucky to be yours.”