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‘El Chicharito’ receives first visit from his kids since his move to Guadalajara

Nala and Noah are visiting their father for a couple of weeks.

Javier Hernandez, also known as el Chicharito, has received a special visit. The Mexican soccer player, who recently moved to Guadalajara to play with the team he grew up in, was joined by his children, Nala and Noah, who spent two weeks with him. Through Instagram, Hernandez shared photos with his kids, including some snaps alongside their grandparents.

Chicharito con sus hijos©@ch14_
Chicharito and his kids

Their support to their dad’s team

Hernandez shared various videos and photos of his children accompanying him for his training in the fields of Club Deportivo Guadalajara. “A pair of unforgettable weeks,” Hernandez captioned a post that he shared online. “Everything will be for and to them. My biggest teachers, Noah and Nala.” The post shows the three holding hands and entering the club.

Nala and Noah sported some custom jerseys from the club, with their names spelled in the back. Other videos and posts showed Hernandez playing soccer with his son, a moment that the father likely treasured since his own father also played for the same team.

Time spent with grandparents

Hernandez also shared plenty of photos and memories of his kids spending time with their grandparents, a special moment since the kids are based in London. They were also joined by their aunt Ana, who is Hernandez’s sister.

Chicharito hijos©@ch14_
Chicharito’s kids

His ex-wife’s reaction

The post acquired plenty of reactions from followers, including that of Sarah Kohan, Hernandez’s ex-wife and the mother of his children. “The cutest,” reads the post. Despite the end of their marriage, the parents remain fully invested in co-parenting their kids.

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