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Lourdes Leon thanks her band after raw New Orleans concert

Leon shared a lengthy post thanking her collaborators for their work.

Lourdes Leon is thanking her band for helping her shine bright. The model and musician who performs under the stage name Lolahol recently shared a post of her most recent performance in New Orleans. She shared various clips of her music and wrote a lengthy statement to her band mates, thanking them for their hard work.

The videos show Leon performing, flanked by her band. As she sat atop of a block, she sang a few songs. She wore a black top and her hair held up in a ponytal for the performance, resulting in a stripped down and vulnerable version of herself.

“New Orleans I’m so flabbergasted n wondering what I did to deserve to work amongst such prolific musicians,” she began in the caption. She began to tag her different band members, thanking them for their hard work ans support. “My heart is in my throat but it’s also on the floor. Can’t thank you enough maestro for leading my unmanageable thought train and making it feel normal.”

She also thanked the rest of her band, who provided her with a block to sit down and some tea before performing.

Over the past couple of years, Leon has been focused in her musical career. While she’s mostly known for her fashion and work on the runway, she’s released various songs and even a music video in homage to her mother, Madonna.

Leon’s tribute to Madonna

The video is called “Spelling,” and features a visual reference to her mother’s “Frozen” video, released in 1998. “This piece is very special,” Leon wrote at the time of the video’s release. “It’s an homage to my mother’s timeless piece of art 'Frozen.' That piece has come up countless times in my life, connecting the two of us.”

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