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Allison Holker reveals how she is creating good memories with her kids despite tWitch’s passing

Despite the challenging times, Holker found solace in dancing with her kids to connect and express emotions.

Allison Holker recently opened up about her emotional journey of returning to the “Jennifer Hudson Show” studio after the devastating loss of her beloved husband, tWitch. In a heart-to-heart conversation, she shared how she coped with the grief and prioritized love and joy for herself and her children. Despite the challenging times, Holker found solace in dancing with her kids to connect and express emotions.

“It’s a very challenging year. Full of very convoluted feelings and conflicting emotions where sometimes I’m just really joyous and happy, but other times I’m really angry and sad and full of all these different confusing feelings all at the same time,” Holker admitted. “And then I decide at the end of the day for my children myself that I’m going to make sure I choose the right energy for myself so choose love and joy and to member him. Celebrate him with my kids and still celebrate life because I feel like there’s so much purpose and love out there for us to experience.”

2024 FOX Spring Preview - Arrivals©GettyImages

Allison also recounted how her firstborn grew up walking down the hallways of WB Productions. “I just had all these memories of my daughter, who used to be my oldest. She’s 15. She used to come here every day after school and do her homework,” she told the TV host.

When asked about creating memories with her kids, she said she always makes sure they have fun. “Yesterday we were playing ‘Just Dance,’ but it’s fun to have dance as a way for us to connect and kind of express all these emotions together. We were watching ‘Trolls’ the other day on the TV, and we just got up and started dancing together, they were bouncing off the couches, jumping off the coffee table, and it was just like so much freedom, and I could just feel it. They still have so much lightness to them, and I was really grateful to see that.”

In addition to being a devoted mother, Holker is one of the judges at “So You Think You Can Dance,” alongside JoJo Siwa and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. In her role, she will provide valuable insights and critiques to the contestants, helping them improve their dance skills and achieve their dreams.

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