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New accomplishments

Lauren Sanchez shares the cover of her children’s book

Sanchez can add ‘author’ to her accomplished resume.

Lauren Sanchez has shared the cover image of her first children’s book. In an Instagram post, Sanchez shared her excitement over the book’s publication and discussed some of the topics it explores, which all closely relate to her work and goals.

The book’s cover reads the book’s title, which is “The Fly Who Flew to Space.” It shows Flynn, the book’s protagonist, smiling brightly as he explores a desert landscape and wears a t-shirt with a space rocket on it. “I still can’t believe it!!!” wrote Sanchez in the caption. “I’m so so excited to share the cover of my first children’s book, “The Fly Who Flew To Space”. I’m beyond grateful b/c this story holds a piece of my heart. It’s a celebration of overcoming challenges, the joy of learning, and dreaming beyond the stars.”

The cover was shared in English and in Spanish, with both editions being available for sale on September 17th. “Pre-order NOW and take your kids on a cosmic adventure that’s more than just a story—it’s a spark for change,” she wrote, outlining the book’s ecological message.

How Sanchez’s kids pushed her to write the book

In an interview with PEOPLE, Sanchez revealed that she was inspired by her own children to write the book. She said that she’d always wanted to write the book yet kept pushing it off due to other things that popped up in her way. She finally made the commitment to completing it as her New Year’s resolution.

"There's always those, 'I want to be kind, I want to be a good person,' type of resolutions, but I was trying to think of something else I could do," she said. "Then my son Evan goes, 'Mom why don't you write that book you're always talking about?' I said, 'Okay, that's going to be one of my goals!'"

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