Sofia Vergara proves she is a proud Colombian with this impressive skill

“This looks beautiful. It smells Colombian,” she said during the interview.

One thing about Colombians, they know about coffee. This time it was the turn for Sofia Vergara to show off her impressive skill as a coffee connoisseur, proving that she is proud of her roots during a recent fun interview with Netflix, where she guessed what type of coffee was served in her cup.

The ‘Griselda’ star wore a stylish red shirt and sat down for the test, where she was able to identify a variety of coffees and even describe how they were brewed. Sofia did not disappoint and successfully guessed the first round while sipping on Folgers coffee, which was brewed from a drip machine.


“It was poorly made,” she said during the interview. For the second round Sofia showed her knowledge and once again guessed the brand and the machine. “It’s definitely Café Bustelo because it’s so strong,” she said after one small sip. “This might have been made the old traditional way with a sock or maybe a Keurig?” she said.

“See? You don’t mess with Colombians and their coffee,” Sofia declared while taking the test. For her third round, she sipped from the cup and said; “Easy. This is an espresso coffee and it was done in a Nespresso machine,” highlighting the “little bitterness of the Nespresso that I love.”

And for the next round, Sofia was served Colombian coffee, which she guessed right away. “This looks beautiful. It smells Colombian,” she said. “I feel like it’s an espresso, but it’s too big to be an espresso. I think somebody messed it up. Definitely made wrong by an American.“

Sofia is enjoying the success of her latest Netflix series ‘Griselda,’ and continues her other projects, including her beauty brand ‘Toty’ and her fashion collaborations with Walmart.

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