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Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking break a world record with their hilarious antics

The funny friends have been keeping the internet entertained for years

The iconic duo that is Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking have broken a new record. The comedic besties are known for creating hilarious videos that go viral on social media, but this week, they had a groundbreaking reel that is officially the number one most-viewed video in history by a female on Instagram and the number one fastest-growing video ever. Their video reached 280 million views in four days and has amassed over 6.9 million likes.

In the video posted seven days ago, Pons and Stocking had the help of an adorable and very talented dog who hilariously ripped a dress off of Stocking in the middle of a crowd. “FML” they captioned the post. At the time of this publication, it has over 287 million views.

After the video went mega-viral, they posted a gallery of photos on Instagram, sharing their excitement and pride. The carousel included adorable photos of the friends crying over the accomplishment. They also shared a behind-the-scenes look at the hard work and dedication they put into the videos that keep their millions of followers entertained.

“OUR VIDEO IS THE #1 MOST VIEWED VIDEO IN HISTORY BY A FEMALE ON INSTAGRAM! #1 FASTEST GROWING VIDEO EVER!! 280 Million Views in 4 days is record breaking. There’s endless hours, all-nighters, blood, sweat, and tears that go into making these videos,” they captioned the post. “And we love every second of it because we do it to hopefully put a smile on your face.” “Lets be honest… its because of the dog,” Pons quipped in the comments.

The frequent collaborators and best friends are two of the most popular female digital creators today. Stocking has been there for Pons throughout all of her incredible accomplishments and personal milestones, like her wedding with Guaynaa.

They both have an incredible follower count, with Stocking having 26.3 million followers on Instagram and Pons with 53.9 million. The hilarious friends first gained popularity on Vine, creating and sharing funny and entertaining content. Over the years, they’ve continued to collaborate and solidify their friendship in the public eye and are a testimony that women are incredibly funny, talented, and hard-working.

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