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Eva Longoria levels up her Padel game, joins Rafa Nadal in tournament

Longoria joined the Hexagon Cup after launching her own Padel team

Maria Loreto
Senior Writer
NOVEMBER 29, 2023 5:37 PM EST

Eva Longoria is taking on another business venture. She’s recently announced her involvement in one of the trendiest sports, joining the likes of athletes like Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Robert Lewandowski, who’ve all decided to get involved in the Padel Hexagon Cup.

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The announcement was made on social media, revealing that Longoria and her team, ElevenElevenTeamUSA, would be joining the Hexagon Cup, which will be hosted between the months of January and February next year. Some of the teams involved in the Cup include the Rafa Nadal Academy Team, Advantage Padel (owned by Andy Murray), and RL9 (owned by Lewandowski).

“I am so proud to launch my own padel team in the Hexagon Cup,” said Longoria in a statement. “This is a sport I am deeply passionate about and love to play, so I can’t wait to share it on a wider international scale.”

“The event’s inclusive nature, taking the top male, female and next gen players to form teams which play together equally for success, was something that really attracted me, and I immediately wanted to get involved.”

This isn’t Longoria’s first time involved in sports. The director and actress has long been invested in sports, having stakes in the women’s soccer teamAngel City FC, in a pickleball team, and in the Mexican men’s soccer team Necaxa FC.

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Longoria’s experience in Padel

Aside from having a nose for these type of profitable ventures and investments, Longoria is also a fan of padel itself, playing the sport in numerous occasions. She’s shared videos on social media, sharing how much fun she has playing it even if she’s still learning more about it.

Padel has become one of the most played games in the world, and is a hybrid of sports like tennis and squash. The game is usually played in doubles, and has a fast learning curb, allowing people to get right into it and have fun playing without having to nail down the basics. It also allows men, women and kids to play in the same team.