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Loud and clear, Georgina Rodriguez expresses her desire to marry Cristiano Ronaldo

The model also took advantage of the cameras to deny the rumors surrounding her relationship with her soccer player partner

Georgina Rodriguez supported Cristiano Ronaldo at the launch of his new project in Madrid, Ursu 9, a brand of alkaline mineral water. Upon their arrival at the event, the couple caused a furor among the media.

The model answered their questions and revealed that everything is fine between the two of them, and her intention to one day walk down the aisle with the Al-Nassr player, with whom she shares her five children. This is not the first time Georgina has expressed her desire to marry the soccer player; she previously did so in her docuseries Soy Georgina.

Georgina Rodríguez y Cristiano Ronaldo©@georginagio
Georgina Rodríguez y Cristiano Ronaldo

Media, such as Lecturas, approached the influencer and asked her if she would like to get married, to which ‘Gio’ answered immediately and very confidently: “Of course I would.”

She also touched based on reports that have emerged for months about an alleged crisis between the couple, clarifing that it was false information that had been fabricated by some media. “You guys made it up,” she said, referring to the press.

She also gave her opinion on her partner’s new business venture, saying she would always be there to support him, and the brand. “I love water and I feel very healthy to be hydrated. With this water you will feel more hydrated and thirst quenching,” she said. About the idea of returning to Spain, Georgina commented that she does not rule it out. “I am a citizen of the world, I love to fly. Everywhere we have a home, here in Spain, Portugal, Italy, England...”

Ronaldo spoke about his partner at the same event, assuring everything is just fine. In a statement reported by Mundo Deportivo, the athlete said, “Together we are much stronger.” “My family is always with me, ‘Gio’ is with me in all my projects and I also support her. She is making her way and I support her 100%,” he said.

Georgina Rodríguez, Cristiano Ronaldo y sus hijos©@cristiano
Georgina Rodríguez, Cristiano Ronaldo y sus hijos

He also stated that together they make a great team. “She is always going to be with me and I with her, the two of us together are much stronger,” he said, leaving aside the rumors that they were going through a bad time.

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