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Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia arrive at court as they prepare to battle the paparazzi

Piqué and Chia are claiming they’re being persecuted by photographer Jordi Martin.

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia are taking a stand against the Spanish press. The couple arrived at court holding hands and wearing sunglasses, ready to argue their case requesting a restraining order from photographer Jordi Martin.

Clara Chia and Gerard Pique©GrosbyGroup
Pique and Chia arriving at court

Photos show Piqué and Chia holding hands and walking towards court. Piqué wore a blue polo shirt and some light grey pants while Chia wore some jeans and a white button-up. They both wore sunglasses.

Both dodged microphones and questions from the press, who trailed after them.

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia©GrosbyGroup
The pair were surrounded by the media

The Spanish gossip column Vanitatis explains that the trouble with paparazzi Jordi Martin began when he published the first photo of Piqué and Chia. The couple claims that they’ve been feeling persecuted and stalked and have requested a restraining order against Martin that would have him be over 3,000 meters from them. The couple claims the harassment has complicated their lives, making them feel unsafe and anxious.

Martin was also present at the court in Barcelona and claims Piqué “can’t stand” him since he has a better relationship with Shakira. “If the judge approves that measure, it will set a terrible precedent for photojournalists and the press in general,” said Martin in Spanish.

In the ensuing court appointments, Piqué and Chia will have to prove to a judge that Martin gained access to a private location in order to get photographs of the couple without their permission.

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