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Lauren Sanchez’s seal of approval: Jeff Bezos’ secret to success

Sanchez shared a story that revealed one of the reasons why Bezos is one of the most successful men in the world.

Lauren Sanchez is proud of her fiancé, Jeff Bezos. The media personality shared an article on her Instagram stories that discussed Bezos’ secret to success, claiming that his enthusiasm and excitement for life is one of the qualities that set him apart from dozens of rich people on Earth.

The article was published on Inc.com and was written by Jeff Haden, who recounted his experience while attending the Formula 1 Race in Miami. Haden describes Bezos as a man with “kid-in-a-candy-store smile,” which he put in direct contrast with the other people at attendance at the race.

“I’ve been around extremely wealthy people, and most project a world-weary, been-everywhere, done-everything, have-everything attitude, for good reason: Most have actually been everywhere, done everything, and have everything they want. Bezos, though? He was obviously excited,” reads the story.

Haden then argues that in order to run one of the most inventive and influential multibillion-dollar industries in the world, one needs some excitement atop of the traditional qualities associated with success, like ambition, intelligence, work ethic, dedication, and more.

Sanchez and Bezos shared the news of their engagement over the past month. The two appear to have gotten engaged while traveling Europe, where they spent some time at Spain and France. Over the course of their trip, they found moments to celebrate alone and with their friends.

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