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Peso Pluma might be dating TV personality Dania Mendez

Amidst all the buzz surrounding his success, many are curious about his love life

Peso Pluma, the renowned regional Mexican artist, has recently made history by becoming the first of his genre to top the Hot 100 Billboard charts with his hit single, “Ella Baila Sola,” much to the thrill of his fans.

However, amidst all the buzz surrounding his success, many are curious about his love life, and it appears that Peso Pluma may have just teased a new single on TikTok that hints at a possible romantic liaison.

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In a video posted on the popular social media platform, Peso Pluma can be seen on a picturesque beach in the Dominican Republic, where he is working on his upcoming music video.

While the teaser doesn’t give away too much, it does feature TV personality and influencer Dania Mendez, who is also on the beach with Pluma.


BYE 🤎 @Peso Pluma

♬ Bye - Peso Pluma

Mendez, known for her stunning looks and captivating presence, posted a seductive video on the same beach, tagging Pluma with a heart in the caption, which has sparked rumors about their relationship.

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Some speculate that Mendez may be Peso Pluma’s love interest in the upcoming music video, while others simply think it is a subtle promotional move. Whatever the case may be, Peso Pluma’s fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his new single, which promises to be as much of a hit as his previous chart-topping tracks.

Peso Pluma recently collaborated with Bizarrap

The stars will launch “Session #55,” a news that has caused quite a commotion amongst their fans. Although their followers were initially uncertain about what was happening, they were relieved when the artist finally announced that the corrido singer would join him.

Bizarrap shared an original video to unveil this exciting news, in which he portrays a rat version of himself. The announcement video showcases Bizarrap’s journey to find the perfect beat as he ventures beyond his usual style. However, his quest is abruptly interrupted when a human wielding a broom threatens his life.

At this critical moment, a courageous mouse appears and rescues him, leading him to a small house adorned with various Mexican items. This mouse turns out to be none other than Peso Pluma, who helps Bizarrap discover the way to the desired musical concept.

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