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Shakira’s acting career: The telenovela she doesn’t want fans to watch

Director Pedro Mogollón that Shakira stood out from the rest of the cast despite being only 16.

There is no doubt that Shakira has had tremendous worldwide success, achieving incredible milestones throughout her career in the music industry. And while the Colombian icon proved to have the talent and charisma to be a singer, she also tried to have a career in acting.


The fan-favorite performer was 16 when she starred in the 1993 telenovela El Oasis, however she quickly realized that singing was her best choice, and acting was probably not one of her best experiences at the time.

Shakira played Luisa María, and after facing a natural disaster in her hometown, she finds love with Salomón, played by Pedro Rendón. If you want to watch the telenovela, chances are you are not going to find much content online, as the singer acquired the rights from CenproTV.


Director Pedro Mogollón revealed to Buen Día Colombia, that Shakira stood out from the cast despite being only 16. “I knew that girl would go far sooner or later,” he said, adding, “I was not surprised when she became a star, we knew it was coming.”

“She didn’t like the way she looked. She wanted to be blonde and it was her decision,” he explained. “One day I arrived at Cenpro to receive my paycheck and they said ‘there is another check for you because someone bought the rights.’ I knew it wouldn’t be on TV anymore.”

The cast and crew agree that Shakira had all the star power even when she was acting, even though she would take a different path in the entertainment industry, showcasing her incredible voice and talent for many decades.

The singer would later make some TV appearances, but not as a recurring character. Fans remember her cameo in Disney’s ‘Wizards of Waverly Place,’ alongside Selena Gomez.

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