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Gisele Bündchen on dating rumors with Jeffrey Soffer: ‘He’s Tom’s friend’

“There’s only one reason. They want to make me look like something I’m not,” she said.

Gisele Bündchen is setting the record straight. The supermodel is responding to rumors that claim she has been secretly dating Tom Brady’s friend, billionaire Jeffrey Soffer.

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During her recent interview with Vanity Fair, Bündchen took a moment to explain that she doesn’t have any kind of relationship with Soffer. “I have zero relationship with him in any way,” she revealed, adding, “He’s Tom’s friend, not my friend.”

The model went on to say that the rumors have been very upsetting for her, as she is not ready to date at the moment, but also because online users assumed she was dating the businessman for his money. “They were saying I’m with this guy, he’s old, because he’s got money – it’s ridiculous,” she said.

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And while Soffer is known for having a $2.2 billion net worth, Bündchen has had a successful career in the modeling industry, achieving an estimated $400 million.

It seems the source that started the rumor was the same that planted the story to the media, however the model did not reveal who she suspected it to be. “Who benefits from this? Why would somebody plant something like this? There’s only one reason. They want to make me look like something I’m not,” she said, “Seeing lies being created all the time about yourself is not easy.”

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