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Bella Hadid makes a perfect messy bun without a hair tie, mesmerizing fans

Did she just tie her hair without hair?

Bella Hadid doesn’t need a hair tie for a perfectly messy bun. The coveted hairstyle that seems impossible unless you’re at home and nobody is going to see you is no easy task. But the model’s recent video on TikTok proves some people are just the universe’s favorite.

Bella Hadid©Bella Hadid

On Sunday, the model shared a video to Snoop Dogg’s affirmations as she showed off her new blonde hair. Saying nothing but posing hard, Hadid confidently tied her hair up using no hair tie, just the hair itself.

With over 7.8 million views and 1.6 likes, people were captivated, confused, and desirous. “I’m still confused how she tied her hair with her hair,” “wait how did she get her hair to stay,” and “Did she just tie her hair with her hair,” read some of the comments.

They were also ready to follow in her golden footsteps, “bella hadid went blonde so now i have to go blonde,” wrote a fan.

Of course, Hadid is not the only person who has tied her hair with her hair. Those with long hair that have walked on this earth for some time have experienced a moment in their life when they had no other option but to make a quick bun using the only tool available.

There are tutorials on YouTube you can check out if you often find yourself without a hair tie and want to practice making it look as good as Hadid.

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