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Juan Gabriel’s Alcapulco mansion is still on Airbnb

It’s a great deal

Have you always wanted to feel closer to the late Juan Gabriel? Well, you can still rent his Alcapulco mansion on Airbnb.

Juan Gabriel Performs in Acapulco©GettyImages

The Mexican singer’s property listed as “Casa Juan Gabriel,” was sold by the singer shortly before his death in 2016, per La Vibra. As noted by Mitu, it was one of Gabriel’s only assets not involved in a years-long battle to split his assets between his heirs.

Juan Gabriel Mansion©Airbnb

The Airbnb listing provides several photos of the gorgeous property which holds 15 guests and has 6 bedrooms with 5.5 bathrooms. It goes for $621, not including taxes and cleaning fees.

Juan Gabriel Mansion©Airbnb

Gabriel passed away on August 28, 2016, at the age of 66. His legacy has continued to live on outside of his mansion being on Airbnb. On August 26th of this year, there was a posthumous release of his single “Ya” with Banda El Recodo and La India. The lead single is from his upcoming album Los Dúo 3.