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2022 statistics reveal Selena Gomez as the #1 positive influencer in the world

The singer, actress, and businesswoman ranked top for positively affecting others’ decisions

Selena Gomez has been selected as the number one influencer in the world for positively affecting others’ decisions. The singer, actress, and businesswoman ranked top after analyzed 1M tweets on the world’s top 10 most followed people.

These tweets reveal how everyday social media users feel about these big influencers and whether their impact is positive or negative. The findings show that the average post on Twitter is 33% positive, 28% negative, and 39% neutral.

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Gomez’s account is the most positive as she has the least negative and most positive tweets, 19% and 38%, respectively. Selena currently has 425M followers across different social media platforms. Moreover, the Latina star recently dropped a new single with the very popular Rema, which will only add to her popularity.

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According to the social media study, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the second most positive influencer in the world. The rock only had about 23% negative and an impressive 36% positive tweets. With over 342M followers across different social media platforms, Johnson has a considerable positive impact on the world.

Kim Kardashian might be one of the most famous figures in entertainment, but she ranks as the most negative influencer. 33% of all tweets revolving around Kim were negative. She also has the least amount of positive tweets, with a mere 23% of tweets being positive.

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Cristiano Ronaldo came in as the second most negative influencer, with 32% of all tweets being negative. This is not surprising, given the competitive nature of his profession.

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