Ivanka Trump y Jared Kushner

Ivanka Trump’s husband,Jared Kushner suffered from cancer while working in the White House

The businessman made this revealing confession in an extract from his memoir

Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, released shocking news, that until now, only his closest circle was aware. In his memoir, Breaking History: A White House Memoir, which will be released on August 23, the son-in-law of the former president of the United States shared that during the time he worked as a White House adviser, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, a disease that he decided to keep secret.

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This past Tuesday, The New York Times published a fragment of the publication and it was in that excerpt that those details about his illness came to light. According to Kushner himself, in 2019, during a trip to Texas, the White House doctor told him the news. “You have cancer. We have to operate on you right away”, were the words the doctor used to tell Kushner about his condition.

Faced with the alarming news, Kushner asked the doctor not to say anything; neither to his wife, nor to the then president, Donald Trump. Fortunately, the disease was detected at an early stage, however, in surgery they had to remove “a substantial part of his thyroid”. One of his biggest fears was that with the surgery, his speech would suffer, since the thyroid gland is located near the vocal cords.

The surgery was carried out a week before Thanksgiving, in order not to be far from his duties and not raise any suspicions. “That way, I would be absent from the office for as little time as possible. My absence would not be noticed. It’s what I wanted,” said Donald Trump’s son-in-law, because his greatest wish was to keep this issue as private as possible.

Ivanka Trump y Jared Kushner©@ivankatrump

“When I thought about it, I kept telling myself that I was in the hands of God and the doctors, and that whatever happened was out of my control. At that time, I wondered if I would need another treatment, “he recalls in his book. Kushner also revealed that his wife, Ivanka Trump and some close associates were aware of the surgery and that, over time, his father-in-law would also find out.

“Everything will be fine,“ were the words that Ivanka’s father told her at the time, supporting her decision to take the issue away from the spotlight. “I also like to keep things like this private. Don’t worry about the work, we’ve got you covered,” he told her.

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Kushner, 41, has been married to Ivanka Trump since 2009. They will celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary next October. They are the parents of three little ones: Arabella Rose, 11, Joseph, eight, and Theodore, six. Before joining the White House administration, Kushner stood out as a visionary businessman. From 2017 to January 2021, Kushner served as an adviser to President Trump, and upon leaving the White House, he and Ivanka moved with their children to Miami, where they lead a life far from the limelight.

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