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RBD’s seventh member?

Bad Bunny shares TikTok singing an acapella version of RBD’s most famous song

“it’s giving Benito colucci”

Fans of RBD are in for a treat. In his most recent TikTok, Bad Bunny shared a clip of himself singing “Sálvame,” the band’s most emblematic song.

The video is short but intense, featuring Bad Bunny singing “Sálvame” and trying very hard to hit all the high notes. Fans understandably freaked out, witnessing a union of phenomenons that go across decades and countries.

“it’s giving Benito colucci,” wrote someone on TikTok, referencing the character of Mia Colucci (Anahi), who originally interpreted the song. “drop a banda album king,” wrote someone else. “new member of the RBD yassss.” Anyway, you get it.

This isn’t the first time Bad Bunny references RBD. In the song “Me Porto Bonito,” he name checks the band, singing about a girl who used to love RBD in the year 2000 and who now loves reggaeton.

Anahi, the song’s original performer, shared a clip of herself reacting to Bad Bunny’s TikTok, which was then shared by RBD’s Instagram. Last month, Anahi made a surprise appearance in Karol G’s Mexico City concert, where the two performed “Sálvame” together, going instantly viral and pleasing a crowd of fans. The instance marked Anahi’s first live performance in 11 years.

RBD was a huge band for anyone involved with Latin American media. Originally from Mexico, the group came out of the teen telenovela “Rebelde” and launched the careers of its members, who managed to release music in English, Spanish and Portuguese and performed in cities all over the world.

While the band dissolved in 2009, they still have devoted fans. A Netflix reboot/sequel of “Rebelde” was released this past year, with a new season premiering this week, on July 27th.

After all these years, the RBD craze is still going strong.

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