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Watch Karol G and Anahí perform ‘Sálvame’ at the ‘Bichota Tour’ concert

The Colombian singer said that singing ‘Sálvame was one of her greatest dreams.

Karol G surprised all her fans by singing RBD’s ‘Sálvame’ with Anahí at the Mexico City Arena on Saturday night.

A two hours plus concert was enough for ‘La Bichota’ to show her fans why she is the ‘goddess’ of reggaeton and trap. In front of a 22 thousand audience, the Colombian singer fulfilled the dream of a generation: to sing “Sálvame” live again with Anahí. Throughout the concert, the artist sang her best hits —’Bichota’, ‘Provenza’ and ‘Tusa’— and gave her fans various tips on self-love.

The performance was magical. The two were moved by the opportunity to be together on stage, Anahí had to catch her breath to be able to say a few words to her fans:

“I have been a bit far, the nerves are there, you are always in my heart, what we live together is never forgotten” and ended with “never stop believing in your dreams, you are the best generation”.

Karol G shares on social media her excitement for the collaboration:

“Yes… I’m still crying… I hadn’t posted this video because I wanted to watch it as many times as necessary to understand that although it was a moment for everyone and for everyone, that moment was mine too!!!”

With a black outfit, a pink hat and her classic gold star on her forehead, just like her character as Mía Colucci in the 2004 telenovela Rebelde, Anahí gave a performance to remember.

Watch Karol G and Anahí perform ‘Sálvame’ at the ‘Bichota Tour’ concert

La Bichota only had great words for Anahí, “It was incredible to see how despite the years of absence you still shine with such intensity 11 years off stage, 11 years of invitations that you rejected because you had other ideals and you accepted mine MINE!!!! You said Yes and I felt so great and so special!!! I LOVE YOU. Seeing you again before the world, in the midst of tears and so many emotions, only confirmed that although they have been beautiful memories for years, the feelings of an entire generation are still alive, INTACT.”

Finally, Karol G says: “My queen @anahi that my eyes saw your return to the stage sharing it WITH ME is something that I will NEVER EVER forget and maybe every time I remember a little tear will appear again. HAVING YOU THERE DID NOT MAKE ME HAPPY ONLY; HAVING YOU THERE MADE MILLIONS OF US HAPPY TODAY!!! you and me forever.”

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