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Belinda talks about her breakup with Christian Nodal for the first time

In an interview with Vogue, Belinda said she’d made plenty of mistakes in their relationship.

Belinda and Christian Nodal broke up their engagement five months ago. While Nodal has made a few comments following the end of their relationship, Belinda has remained silent on the matter. In a new interview, Belinda discussed her relationship and some of the lessons she’s learned in its aftermath.

In an interview with Vogue, Belinda talked about sharing the details of her private life with the media. When asked if she regretted sharing her personal life with the world, Belinda said “Of course, 100 percent. I wouldn’t do that again. I regret exposing that topic as much as I did. But well, that’s life.”

“I chose wrong, which makes everything worse. Can you print ‘I screwed up’ in Vogue? Because I screwed up. In all aspects. Now, I’m better because you learn from your mistakes,” she said, candidly.

Belinda and Christian Nodal broke up in February, claiming that they’d ended their relationship amicably. This soon changed when several negative comments were made on social media, with Nodal replying to followers who accused him of harming Belinda and implying that it was the other way around. While Belinda made no public statements, her mother took to social media to defend her, which led to Nodal sharing intimate details of their financial life.

It appears things are better now, with the two taking a break from the topic. Nodal has been linked with the Argentinean rapper Cazzu and has steered clear of the spotlight, taking a break from his concerts. Belinda is currently in Spain, working on a variety of musical and acting projects.

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