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Kim Kardashian’s latest controversy is beyond hilarious

The ad comes days after Kim was spotted eating an ice cream Sunday at Mcdonalds

Kim Kardashian has another job to add to her resume. The ‘mostly vegan’ reality star is now Beyond Meat’s ‘Chief Taste Consultant.’ This week Kardashian and Beyond Meat announced the news on social media with a clever video where the Skims founder says her greatest asset is her taste.

Kim Kardashian©Beyond Meat

“I believe so much in the mission of Beyond Meat that I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset – my taste,” she says in the video. However, fans quickly noticed that at no point in the video does it show the 41-year-old actually taking a bite of the food. “Fake eating… I see you,” reads one of the top liked comments.

The whole thing is actually pretty funny. In the clip, Kardashian is holding half a cheeseburger that is perfectly intact while she is chewing. “She didn’t even take a bite of the burger,” one user commented. “The hamburger wasn’t bitten” another added.

Kim Kardashian©Beyond Meat

Elsewhere in the video, the mom of 4 has a slice of plant based sausage on her fork and is chewing, but the fork reappears on-screen with the piece of sausage still there. “You didn’t show her actually consuming the product… Did she actually eat it? No thanks lol” another person wrote.

Kim Kardashian©Beyond Meat

To be fair, at one point when Kardashian is chewing what looks like a plant-based chicken finger, she appears to have a very round, almost tongue-shaped ball in her cheek.

Kim Kardashian©Beyond Meat


While Kim is an occasional meat-eater, some vegans were just happy to see Kim spreading awareness for plant-based foods. Vegan influencer Dominick Thompson wrote, “To my beautiful vegan fam, especially my fellow ethical vegans, please think critical and understand the impact this collaboration will have in terms of the massive influence. To have @kimkardashian encouraging her 300 million-plus followers to eat plant-based is simply a win for animals and the environment no matter how you view it.”

However other Vegans were less than impressed. “So many lovely celebrities that are Vegan and actually care about the planet so why choose Kim? I didn’t think she was right for the ad,” one user wrote. Some also promised to switch to the brand’s competitor. Several people left comments like, “I’m seriously switching to Impossible brand bc of this ad.”

Others thought it was silly that Kim talked about how plant-based meat is better for the environment considering her high carbon lifestyle. “Stop taking private jets,” one person wrote.

The ad comes days after Kim was spotted eating an ice cream Sunday at Mcdonalds. The first ingredient, is milk.

Kim Kardashian©GrosbyGroup