Bad Bunny covers GQ

Bad Bunny talks public image & relentless rumors in GQ: ‘People don’t know s**t about my relationship’

“Maybe we’re already married and people don’t know”

Bad Bunny is the latest cover star for GQ.

Along with a summer-themed photoshoot--which pairs perfectly with the theme of his latest album, Un Verano Sin Ti--the international superstar also talked to the magazine about his personal life, his unstoppable career, and everything in between.

Much like...well, pretty much every rapper in the world, Bad Bunny’s music includes a lot of songs about women. One song in particular, “Tití Me Preguntó,” raised a lot of eyebrows with diehard fans who follow the reggaetonero’s relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri.

Bad Bunny covers GQ©Roe Ethridge for GQ

Since the song features Benito boasting about having one girlfriend today, and another one tomorrow, social media ran with a seemingly-baseless rumor that the Puerto Rican natives are in an “open” relationship. While the artist didn’t address that narrative, specifically, in his interview, he did talk the fact that the public really knows a lot less than they think about his personal life.

“I mean, I’ll post a photo with Gabriela, but I’m not making a love story,” he told the magazine. “I post photos because it’s the f***ing thing you do during these times—posting pictures. Sometimes, as much as you’re anti–social media, it’s impossible. As much as you say, ‘I’m going to stay out of this,’ you’ll suddenly say, ‘I’m going to post a photo,’ you know?”

Bad Bunny went on to say, “People don’t know s**t about my relationship. They don’t know if I’m married, you know? Maybe we’re already married and people don’t know.

“I’m just saying that,” he clarified. “I’m not married.”

Bad Bunny covers GQ©Roe Ethridge for GQ

Though he just finished a North American tour earlier this year, the reggaetonero is already preparing to embark on a stadim tour in just a few months. Even though the meteoric rise he’s experienced might make others jaded, Benito insists he still feels that same excitement he did on day one.

“You never get used to that,” he said of the tens of thousands of people in the crowds at his shows. “It never becomes normal. It will always cause emotions to see people get so excited and receive you that way. It changes you.”

You can read Bad Bunny’s full interview over on GQ.

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