Julia Fox

Julia Fox goes grocery shopping in Alexander Wang ‘bodywear’

What’s your apocalypse outfit?

Julia Fox has her outfit ready for the apocalypse. On Tuesday, the actress shared a gallery of photos grocery shopping at Pavilions, showing a lot of skin. The two-piece set covered all the necessary body parts to enter the store, and she wore a denim coat, with denim boots, and a matching denim purse made out of a pair of pants. “My vibe is just preparing for the apocalypse rn,” she captioned the pic.

Julia Fox©Julia Fox

Fox has limited the comments on her post, but the ones there are pretty funny. “The apocalypse is not a fashion event,” one person wrote. Interestingly enough, multiple people were grossed out by her choice of water.

“Nobody gonna say anything about the AQUAFINA?!” One person wrote with a puking face emoji. “Why the Aquafina tho mama,” another said. Others told Fox to wash her car.

Julia Fox©Julia Fox

Alexander Wang’s social media account shared her photo on their Instagram with the caption, “it’s not underwear, it’s bodywear. coming soon.”

The Uncut Gems star explained the look further in her IG Stories, “I just think if it’s socially acceptable at the beach it should be the same everywhere lol,” she wrote. “When it’s laundry day,” the 32 years continued.

If there is one thing Fox loves, it’s denim. In March, she shared an outfit she made herself out of a pair of pants. She accessorized with the same denim purse and matching heels.

During her short-lived relationship with Kanye West, they had a viral moment in matching denim outfits. Her smokey eye also went viral.

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