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2022 Mother’s Day

Adamari López shares with HOLA! USA the latest updates on her health and wellness journey

She was able to set a good example for her daughter, Alaïa

Adamari López began her journey to wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic after finding herself making excuses to eat healthily and exercise.

With the help of Oprah’s weight management program, WW (formerly Weight Watchers), the TV host, actress, author, and mother, was able to drop 20 pounds and set a good example for her daughter, Alaïa.

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As the 2022 Mother’s Day (May 8) is rapidly approaching, López chatted with HOLA! USA to share the latest updates on her health and wellness journey.

Adamari Lopez©Hoy Día
Last time we spoke about your weight loss journey was in 2021. At the time, you had lost 20 pounds naturally. What has changed from that date to now?

I continue to be more aware of how important it is to stay healthy and not eat food just because I want to eat every time but to keep myself well emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I have also had changes and processes that have made me grow and mature, which keeps me focused on this lifestyle that I want for myself and my daughter.

Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself, everything you do positively impacts your daughter, Alaïa. How is she adjusting to the journey? Did you set up boundaries for junk food, candy, or sodas?

I think that Alaïa is enjoying this mom because I have a more active life with her and because I am her example. I invite her to try more healthy things than she did before, for example, protein, which is essential to me, and she sometimes wants to leave them in the background because she wants to eat something that contains carbohydrates.

I’m guiding her, so she stays strong and continues exercising. Her little bones are growing, and I explain everything to her when we eat together.

I think it has been very beneficial for both of us because it has united us more and we have more fun because we do more activities. Alaïa and I play soccer a lot. It’s one of her extracurricular activities, and I joined to practice with her at home.

Before, I would get tired very quickly, running out of breath because the extra pounds took away my energy and my cardiovascular capacity. Now I am at the same level as her, and I think she gets tired first.

We know you are not a dieter, but with mother’s day coming up, maybe you will make plans to go on a trip, go to a nice restaurant, or get chocolates from a special someone, friends, or family. Will you be indulging and living life, or will you respect the WW points chart?

WWW’s philosophy is that you enjoy every moment of your life, aware of your decisions when eating or doing activities. It’s not that you can’t treat yourself. I think that avoiding something you want at all times ends up having a rebound effect. It is a balance. That’s why following WW has been beneficial for me because, as you say, I’m not a dieter. There are things that I don’t like, and there are others that have zero points on the chart, and I like them a lot.

I also follow many recipes. The other day I made a delicious lemon cake. I didn’t eat the whole cake, but I indulged in several bites and was satisfied.

Less than a month after we did the interview I mentioned initially, you broke the internet with HOLA! USA’s cover shoot. At the time, you were going through a lot emotionally, but you kept going. How did you battle anxiety and those “I want to give up feelings”?

It was a moment of anguish and anxiety that I think all human beings go through, but mine was public. I always take refuge in those moments of uncertainty, of difficulties or illness, of sadness, in my faith, in God, in my family, in my work, and that has brought me forward.

Besides, I have always tried to be a positive person and look for a happy return to everything. I don’t focus on the negative or difficult. Yes, some things affect me, but I try to go to my psychologist and be with the people who want the best for me, and every Sunday, I go to church and read God’s word, which has helped me get ahead.

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After closing chapters and leaving the past behind, do you feel content with the outcome —whether physically or emotionally?

I feel happy in all aspects of my life and sure of my decisions. I think that life is teaching me different paths and giving me life lessons so that I can serve as an example to other women, including my daughter. I would have wished maybe not to experience difficulties, but since I learned so much from them, it helped me grow and understand myself as a person, aa a woman, and what I want to achieve. In the end, life always teaches me that everything that happens to me is for the best.

You also said you want to create a brand of something that can be parallel to your work. How’s that going?

Oh, Lord! I began to dedicate time to my project, and the day I was going to make the presentation, I had another activity. I got to do what I had in mind, but I took away energy and effort, and it has remained in a few boxes, but at some point, I plan to take it up again. It’s something that has to do with Alaïa and with me. I am sure that I will do it as soon as I can give it time. It’s like my backup in case I don’t have a job opportunity. It will help me continue having money that allows me to pay for Alaïa’s school and my expenses.

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