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Priscilla Ono shares how she prioritizes her hygiene while working with her clients

She has a trick or two underneath her arms —literally!

Priscilla Ono is a makeup expert, but she also has a trick or two underneath her arms —literally! Having such an active career and lifestyle, the Mexican descent MUA knows that prioritizing her hygiene while avoiding embarrassing situations is crucial to perform daily tasks while on duty.

Ono is also faithful to her beliefs and only partners with brands that speak to herself; therefore, she became a Secret Deodorant ambassador, a brand she has used her entire life. As part of the company’s latest launch, the NEW Secret Dry Spray, the makeup artist sat down with HOLA! USA to reveal, among other things, how she combats the sweating of the underarms even when she working with some of the hottest A-list celebrities — did you see what we did there?

“I was so pleased when secret reached out. I have actually been using Secret Deodorant since I was 12,” she told HOLA! USA. “My abuela (grandma) raised me, and she always instilled in me so many beauty secrets and hygiene secrets as well. I remember my abuela putting secret stick deodorant in my backpack and sending me off to school so I can have a fresh pick me up throughout the day.”

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According to Ono, she still carries her deodorant in her makeup kit. “I carry Secret when I’m doing makeup jobs, especially the new weightless dry spray that just launched.” Priscilla highlighted that thanks to its spray applicator, she can help the team she is working with in case they need to refresh. “Wether is a hairstylist, a fashion stylist, my client; anyone can use it. It’s so perfect,” she said, adding: “And I just thought it was like a perfect partnership because it’s true to my upbringing.”

Priscilla’s newest addition to her kit is designed for precision protection. The new formula is fast-acting for all strength and works when you need it most for freshness that lasts. And the best part is that the product leaves no residue behind, it is free of heavy waxes and alcohol, and it is made with pH-balancing minerals.

“I was talking to my husband the other day about how sometimes I’m on set for 20 hours, 22 hours nonstop. For music videos, commercials, traveling, and the fact that the deodorant has over 40-hour protection and it’s invisible is a plus. It’s not going to get on any clothing. If my client uses it on a red carpet, you’re not going to see any stains on their clothes, which is very important. It’s weightless, and it is earth-conscious.”

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“I even was on a call earlier, and they were talking about these little burst beads that are in the formula that actually burst when there’s friction, so when you’re rubbing or sweating, it bursts and then releases the scent,” she said. “It could be like the middle of the day, hours after you apply, and I thought that was so innovative. Sometimes I’m doing makeup, and suddenly, my clients say, ‘Wow, you smell really good.’ And I’m like, ‘it’s Secret. It’s not even a perfume.’”

If you are familiar with Priscilla Ono, you probably know she works with Rihanna, Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Bella Hadid, and many more. Although we are wrapping up Awards Season, Ono is still busy with editorial looks, music videos, shows, etc.

Streetstyle and beauty inspirations most of the time come from innovation MUA like Priscilla; therefore, we asked her about the trends we will see during Spring 2022. “We will see a lot of bright colors, pops of color. Lots of color blocking and having fun, brighter lips,” she told us. “Fresh scents are really good for Spring. We’re moving away from being just virtual and to going back in person.”

Besides making bold makeup choices for her clients, Ono also wants to leave her mark and create a positive impact on the generations of aspiring artists coming right behind her. “I am working a lot on reminding other people that anything is possible. Anyone can make it. I grew up in Lynwood. It’s a very small suburb in California,” she said.

“My grandmother was the first generation that came from Mexico. My grandparents were not in this business. They were completely on a different side of the scope. They were blue-collar and worked hard to get me to where I’m at. I want people to understand and know that anything is possible. Anyone can make their dreams come true, whether it be to be a makeup artist or a doctor to be a scientist or to be anything they want. It doesn’t matter their background,” she says.

“My grandma always says if you work your hardest and try your best, and you do what you love, you’re going to be successful.”

“I think that that is something that I definitely want to see pass down as my legacy. I teach makeup classes now, and I always make sure that I share that with my students because many of my students are minorities. They are Latinas or African American, and I always share that with them,” she reveals. “Don’t let your background or anything interfere with your thinking. I’m so fortunate that my grandmother was a strong Latina, and she always made me feel powerful.”

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Priscilla Ono attends SEPHORiA: House of Beauty Session Two at The Majestic Downtown on October 20, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Priscilla’s passion for beauty began in the ’90s, growing up in Los Angeles. She turned her passion into a career, working on sets for significant music videos and creating beauty looks for some of the most prominent artists.

Throughout her career, Ono has had the opportunity to work on research and development for major beauty brands, sharing her insight into what the market and consumer needs in their kits and beauty bags. Since 2017 Priscilla has held the title of Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty, where she helped the brand prepare for the global launch and assisted in research & development, campaign shoots, and training.

“I did not have an easy route to get here. I’m the oldest grandchild. So for me, it was the hardest,” she told HOLA! USA. “My grandmother did not want me to do anything artistic or creative. She wanted me to do something in the medical field. That was the only option I had. So when I presented to her the idea of me becoming a makeup artist, she was like, ‘No, it’s not possible. That’s not going to work for you.’ And she was very against it.”

Ono took matters into her hand and had a 1:1 conversation with herself. “I told myself, ‘Look, I know I can do this. I have to prove to her that I can do it. I have all of these consejos (advice) from her. She has given me so much advice on working hard. I know that if I work hard and I do this, I’m going to make it.’”

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Priscilla Ono speaks on stage at Beautycon Festival New York 2019 at Jacob Javits Center on April 06, 2019 in New York City.

“Now she is so proud of me, and it’s made her mind open up for my cousins. It was so much easier for them. My grandma learned that you could be successful within whatever career you do. So when my cousin wanted to become a barber, my grandma was like, ‘Yes, of course. Whatever you need, you can have your barbershop,’” Ono recalls.

“She pushed him because she saw me and what I could do. I noticed that in the Latinx culture, being an artist is not always the first option, it’s kind of like no option. But when you show your family what you can do and if you do it wholeheartedly, it always ends up being great,” she concluded.

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