Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato holds a funeral for their pop music and gets fans excited for ‘Rockvato’

Demi is ready to channel Camp Rock again

Demi Lovato is ready to put their pop music 6 feet under. On Thursday, the singer posted a photo flipping of the camera with industry folks including, their manager Scooter Braun and they were all dressed in black for what they called a “funeral for my pop music.” The singer is moving into rock, which could explain the giant spider they got tattooed on their head. “ROCKVATO IS COMING,” their excited fans said in the comments.

Demi Lovato©Demi Lovato

Demi shared a clip from the “funeral,” on their IG story where someone encouraged them to put out whatever music they want and “break the rules.” They later shared audio from the studio session and, the song is pretty catchy. The artist has released music that could fall in the “pop-rock” genre but, it‘s safe to say a metal or rock head isn’t jamming out to “This Is Me” from Camp Rock.

It seems like the “Skyscraper” singer has been planning the genre switch for the new year. They started 2022 with a rebranding, deleting all of their Instagram posts. On January 1st, they shared a photo with a buzzed haircut, what looks like an 80s rock tee, and goth makeup. `

Demi Lovato©Demi Lovato

Last week they announced new music was coming, in a Misfits t-shirt, choker, and a glam goth look. They captioned the pic “fuck it. i miss you” which is a lyric from their song with Winnetka Bowling League. Their song “Firmy” is set to release on February 4th and, the indie rock band is by fronted by Hilary Duff‘s husband Matthew Koma. The band’s Twitter shared the news and told fans to “get ready to cry.”

And yesterday, Demi got particularly dark in the caption of one of their posts captioning the video, “I’m glad I came here with your pound of flesh.” They rocked the same goth glam look, an all-black outfit with Hot Topic approved accessories.