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Demi Lovato no longer supports their California Sober lifestyle and is now ‘sober sober’

The singer made the announcement to her 119 million followers

Demi Lovato has been very open about their sobriety after a near-fatal overdose in 2018 that they said left them with brain damage. While many were proud of Demi for bouncing back, they caught backlash after sharing that they were “California sober” earlier this year. But the singer said Tuesday that they is no longer ‘California sober’ and is instead ‘sober sober.’ Demi announced to her 119 million followers on her Instagram story writing, “I no longer support my ‘California Sober’ ways.” “Sober sober is the only way to be,” they added.

Demi Lovato©Demi Lovato

Demi held nothing back sharing their story in the YouTube docuseries “Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil.” The artist relapsed in 2018 after 6 years of sobriety and said they crossed a line they had never crossed before. They suffered three strokes and a heart attack and doctors told them they only had 5 to 10 minutes to live. Thankfully, Demi survived.

It was easy to judge Demi’s decision to be California sober after nearly dying but it‘s not a recent trend and has been a lifestyle for some people pursuing recovery for some time. Addiction specialist Patrick Cronin told HOLA! USA.“Some definitions on the internet may vary slightly, but most refer to ‘California Sober’ as a lifestyle trend where people abstain from using hard drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine as well as alcohol, but continue to use marijuana and other psychedelic substances like psilocybin, mushrooms, and LSD.”

Demi Lovato and Becky G©Facebook

Aside from sobriety, Demi has been making headlines recently with discussions about ghosts and extraterrestrial life. They joined the bubbly Becky G on her show “Face to Face With Becky G” for an episode titled, “Becky G & Demi Lovato: The Power of Living Your Truth’ and explained that they performed in front of a room full of ghosts. Demi said they were originally set up to look for UFOs and ET’s when they came across “Vulture City” which is known for having ghosts that live in an old brothal. Demi said they set up “ghost machines” like EMF detectors and they decided to sing for them, “and they went off when I finished,” they explained. “I’ve never had a standing ovation from ghosts but I’d like to think they were standing,” Demi added proudly.

When it comes to singing, the artist is nominated for Best Remixed Recording for the 2022 Grammy for their song “Met Him Last Night,” feat Ariana Grande (Dave Aude Remix).

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