Britney Spears

Britney Spears has her first glass of red wine in 13 years: ‘I cried over food in this beautiful restaurant’

The singer had all the sushi she wanted

Britney Spears has been on a bit of a posting spree on Instagram today and included in the mix of artwork and NSFW tasteful nudes is her experience at a nice restaurant in Los Angeles. Britney shared a video of a chocolate dessert along with screenshots of her notes. “Ok, so I did it !! I went to dinner at a very nice place in Los angeles,” she began. “I didn’t have any expectations at all because I haven’t been out in a while,” the 40 year old continued. “I get there and I’m immediately fidgety.” Thankfully Britney had an amazing experience and she had her first glass of red wine in 13 years. “I felt more sexy in that restaurant than I ever have in my entire life,” she wrote. The dinner was such a beautiful experience that she cried over the food inside the restaurant.

Whatever restaurant Britney went to left an everlasting impression on her. She wrote in detail about the glass roof and her exciting experience in the bathroom where a lady offered her candy. Britney decide against it but she went on to enjoy a salad, cheese, and various types of sushi before she couldn’t help but cry. “It made me want to cry, so I did,” she wrote. “I cried over food in this beautiful restaurant … I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing with this food.” The Lucky singer finished her story with, “I will say it was one of the most magical experiences of my life and I will never forget it.”

The fact that Britney was enjoying sushi when she had the incredible experience makes the story extra special. Fans were horrified when they watched The New York Times documentary Controlling Britney Spears and heard claims that she was not allowed to buy sushi because it was too expensive. Latisha “Tish” Yates, Spears’s former head of wardrobe told the cameras, “Britney would say, ‘Hey, is there any way we could have sushi for dinner?’ But her father Jamie Spears and Robin Greenhill, an employee of the company that managed her business affairs would turn her down. “And I would hear Robin say, ‘You had sushi yesterday, it’s too expensive. You don’t need it again,” Tish claimed.

Britney’s recent posts are currently trending on Twitter with fans both happy and heartbroken. “I‘m so happy for her but this is so heartbreaking. to think she cried sitting at a restaurant because she finally felt happy and normal for the first time in 13 years. like can you imagine that? like a prisoner’s first meal out of jail,” one user wrote.

Following her dinner, Britney posted a selfie wearing nothing but thigh-high socks. She used emojis to keep it within Instagram guidelines and wrote in the caption, “Free woman energy has never felt better 🎀.” The pop star has deactivated comments on her Instagram and while it‘s good to see Britney free, the NSFW content does have some of her fans worried. “Praying [for] someone takes Britney’s phone before the feds put her in a conservatorship again“ one person tweeted.