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Salma Hayek celebrates 20 million followers by sharing an adorable photo

The actress found an unconventional way to celebrate the milestone.

Salma Hayek reached 20 million followers on Instagram. To commemorate the moment she uploaded a photo of her hands and feet, with each finger and toe representing a million of her followers.

“10+10 = 20 million !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you 🙏 you wonderful followers for getting us here. Love you 😘 #grateful #20 #hands #feet,” Salma captioned the post. The image captured the attention of many of her fans and followers, who congratulated her or had something to say on her feet. “Photos of feet aren’t free, my Salma,” wrote one of her followers. “She knows what she doin,” wrote someone else.

With the year that Salma has had, it was expected for her to reach the 20 million follower mark. In 2021, Salma was a part of two of the biggest films, both of which targeted different crowds. During the summer, she starred in Marvel’s “Eternals,” one of the year’s biggest blockbusters, becoming the first Latina superhero. Then she starred in “House of Gucci” alongside Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, and more. The film is a contender for important awards and has understandably boosted her popularity and expanded her reach.

This year, Salma was also the recipient of a star in the Hollywood Boulevard, an honor that few have achieved. “And I want to say to everybody that’s here, all my lovely fans: if you ask yourself what gave me the courage to stay, I say it was you because although they didn’t know me, here in Hollywood, the studios, all the Latins that are in the United States knew who I was. They understood that I came here with dreams like they did,” she said when the star was presented to her.

Congratulations, Salma!

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