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Running errands

Gal Gadot and her daughter go grocery shopping at Whole Foods

The pair was captured on a shopping run in Los Angeles.

Gal Gadot was spotted looking comfortable as she went shopping for groceries with her daughter at her local Whole Foods, in Los Angeles.

Gal Gadot and daughter shopping at Whole Foods©GrosbyGroup
Gal Gadot looked sporty as she ran some errands.

Gadot was spotted carrying a loaded shopping cart, with her daughter riding atop of it. She was wearing a black face mask and black sweatpants and sweatshirt. She had a white top underneath and was wearing sports shoes.

Gal Gadot and daughter Whole Foods©GrosbyGroup
She was accompanied by her daughter on her food run.

Gal Gadot has had a great month, following the release of her Netflix movie “Red Notice,” where she starred alongside Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. The film was one of the biggest hits in Netflix history, seen by 4.2 million households per Samba TV measurement. The film’s release pulled Netflix ahead of all of its competitors, including HBO Max, who released Gal Gadot’s previous film, “Wonder Woman 1984,” and had a viewership of 2.2. million.

Gadot is one of the hardest working actresses in Hollywood, having an ample roster of films slated for release within the next couple of years. She’ll be making a return to the character of Diana Prince in “Wonder Woman 3,” and will star as the evil queen in a new adaptation of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” alongside Rachel Zegler. Gadot will also reunite with Patty Jenkins, the director of her Wonder Woman films, for “Cleopatra,” an iconic role that was immortalized by Elizabeth Taylor in the ‘60s.