Paulina Porizkov

Paulina Porizkova says she is ‘between JLo and Betty White’ as she continues to defy ageism

The model also praised Sarah Jessica Parker

As Paulina Porizkova gets older, she radiates light as she encourages women to embrace aging with acceptance and appreciation. The 56-year-old author has been sharing her journey with life on social media and, this week she shared 2 epic posts that will bring a smile to your face. First, she shared a stunning photo in a bikini at the resort with the caption, “Inconsequential pic number one. Day one of resort life, and I couldn’t resist posing.” But it was her hashtags that added some hilarity, “sexy has n oexpiration date“ she wrote, along with ”between jlo and betty white.“

Paulina Porizkov©Paulina Porizkov

Then on Wednesday Porizkova made a photo collage with a bare-faced selfie next to Sarah Jessica Parker. “I’ve been seeing photos of Sarah Jessica Parker in the media, and every time I think ‘oh thank you thank you!’” She wrote in the caption, excited to see the actress who is 2 years older than her embracing her grays. “Someone who is my age who looks like me. I see my lines and droops and silver roots mirrored, and I love it. Representation!” The actress added. “She makes me feel like I’m not a freak for aging - because fashionable, beautiful, stylish her - is doing it too. And she looks amazing.”

Paulina Porizkov©Paulina Porizkov

Porizkova has said in the past she has no botox or fillers in her mission to reject aging culture but wanted to make it clear she’s not judging anyone who has chosen ‘different options’ in the caption. “Once again, this is not to in any way slight those who chose different options. You should do exactly what makes you feel best about yourself. That little whiff of confidence a tweak may give you can translate into a ton of opportunity. Carpe diem! My point is only that aging women have been nearly erased from the media, leaving those of us who want to, or try or would at least try to embrace it - without much representation,” she concluded.

Last week the model starred in an episode called Paulina’s What’s Underneath: Defying Ageism where she first made the joke about Betty White and Jennifer Lopez. “There was nobody there. It was a big empty hole,” Porizkova said. The model also mused that “it wasn’t until you got to Betty White where old people got to be cool again.” But the through-line the model noted most was that “between [Jennifer Lopez] and Betty White is me.”

She also opened up about her refusal to be invisible as a middle-aged woman, the sudden death of her husband, and how hard it is dating. “Am I worthy of love? It seems not. The available pool of men that are interested in a 50-60 year old woman is a muddy puddle,” she said. “The ones that are on the market now are on the market for a reason- and the fact that they would rather date a woman 20 years younger. There are not that many guys that are smart enough and brave enough to date women their age. We have so many more demands because we know we are,” Porizkov explained. The stunning beauty also strips down to her lingerie, you can watch the full clip below:

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