Helena Christensen
Age is just a number

Paulina Porizkova calls Helena Christensen genetically perfect

The stunning supermodel shared a series of photos from her in home in New England

Someone tells Helena Christensen it’s October! Or don’t, because it’s still really hot outside and she’s living her best life. The 51-year-old supermodel posted a set of photos outside her home in the Catskill Mountains in New England. The photos showed beautiful autumn colors and scenery straight out of a painting. While the photos of her stunning estate, pool, garden, and dog were stunning- It was the first photo in the series that had people go “wow.”

Christensen shared a photo wearing nothing but a one-piece nude leotard that hugged her body perfectly. The body suit costs $395 and is from her clothing line called Stærk & Christensen. Her hair was pulled back in an effortless messy but still perfect bun. Her caption was simple: “illuminated.” Fans admired the stunning colors and her beautiful home with sweet comments like “I love ur fairytale” and “Your house (and it‘s surrounding area) is the prettiest Helena! Autumn in New England is always the best ❤️”

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With the sun illuminating behind her, the photo got the attention it deserved from all her model friends. Model Lais Oliveira commented, “My favorite model in the whole world.” Christenson responded to Oliveria with heart-eyed emojis. But it was Paulina Porizkova that gave Christensen the best compliment to give another human by calling her “genetically perfect.” Porizkova wrote, “You are so perfect I don’t even see how you’re genetically possible.” Christensen corresponded back with an alien emoji. Which presents the question: Is Christensen telling us she is part alien? Is that why she looks so amazing?

Despite the possibility of aliens, Christensen puts in time and energy to have her stunning physique. Last week she uploaded videos of her intense workout routine that would have people half her age sweating and out of breath. She shouted out her trainer and captioned the series of videos, “I am 100% an ‘in nature workout’ type of person, I like sprinting through a forest, swimming in rivers or hiking up a mountain. But if I have to choose any form of indoor exercise it’s 100% boxing and conditioning. And I wouldn’t wanna do it with anyone else but my boxing coach of 15 years, Jason Lee 🙌 I didn’t start working out till my mid thirties - except for table tennis (friggin awesome) and badminton (ditto) and though I don’t always look forward to going I always get such a high out of it and even more so, I am exhilarated by the thought of recruiting specific muscle groups, even the entire anatomical evolution behind it all (my nerdy side 🤓) but most importantly, feeling strong and fit 🥊🏊‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ ps mask is on to be responsible towards the people around me as it’s a small but safe and clean gym. I uncover my nose if no one’s around. When I train in nature I don’t wear it.”