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Britney Spears and Lance Bass are distant cousins! See the family tree

The singer thought it was too good to be true

Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin appeared on the Ancestry YouTube show 2 Lies and a Leaf and in the episode that premiered Wednesday, the singer found out he had a very exciting distant relative. The couple went toe to toe in the competition that showed just how impressive the site is when it comes to familiar details when they came to to the final question, “Which unexpected distant relative is part of Lance‘s musical family tree?”

Lance Bass is shocked to find out he is related to Britney Spears©Ancestry YouTube

The three options were Faith Hill, Britney Spears, and Elvis Presley, and when Lance heard Britney’s name he looked stoked. When Lance realized he was related to one of them his jaw dropped. “I really hope it‘s Britney but there’s no way,” he said. The singer ended up choosing Elvis because he couldn’t believe it could be Britney before finding out the exciting news. “I don’t care about winning because this is amazing,” he said.

Lance Bass is shocked to find out he is related to Britney Spears©Michael Turchin

As for how distant Britney is? She is his 6th cousin, once removed. “I wanted to be related to the queen [of England] but now I‘m related to the queen of pop,” he said after the news. “That is so crazy, though, because I feel like she’s my little sister. And this whole time she‘s been my little cousin,” the father-of twins added. “And it makes sense too because we were born an hour from each other. This is so cool,” he said.

Britney and Lance first met in their late teens and he said he always felt like they did look like each other. “I mean this means so much to me. She is like family to me. So, the fact that we are blood-related is amazing.’

2000 GRAMMY Awards©GettyImages

Lance is one of the many friends of Britney who lost touch with the singer during her conservatorship. “I haven’t spoken to her for years. We’ve been kept away from each other for quite a while,” he told Heather Dubrow‘s in July, per DailyMail.

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