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Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth spend the day shopping and buying takeout

Elsa was photographed buying some take-out while Chris was out shopping with the kids.

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth were captured carrying out everyday tasks near their home in Byron Bay, Australia. Elsa was photographed picking up take-out food while Chris was out shopping with their three kids.

Elsa Pataky buying takeout©GrosbyGroup
Elsa was spotted getting some takeout.

Elsa was photographed as she waited in line and then picked up some food from an outdoors fast-food joint called Betty’s Burgers. She was spotted looking comfortable in shorts and a sweatshirt. On her way back to the car, she was photographed snacking on some french fries.

Chris Hemsworth and kids©GrosbyGroup
Chris and the kids were out shopping.

Meanwhile, Chris was photographed hanging out with his three kids, their eldest, India Rose, and their twins Sasha and Tristan. The four of them were captured in comfortable outfits, with Chris wearing shorts, a shirt, and a hat, and the kids wearing sweatpants and long-sleeved tops. The four of them went in and out of stores as Chris carried some of their purchases.

Chris and Elsa love their home in Australia, often talking about how much they enjoy their community and the nature that surrounds them. They are usually seen surfing, sometimes just Chris and Elsa and othertimes accompanied by their three kids. Aside from enjoying tons of time on the beach and spending lots of family time, Chris and Elsa are known for their diligent fitness regimes, principally Chris, who has one of the strictest workout routines in Hollywood thanks to his participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His upcoming film, “Thor: Love and Thunder,” will be coming out in 2022, and he’s shown glimpses of his impressive and intimidating workout routine.

When it comes to Elsa, she’s been spending tons of time in the gym as well thanks to her upcoming Netflix action movie, “Interceptor.” Pataky plays the lead role of the film, playing a captain that tries her best to save the world from an incoming nuclear attack.