Chris Hemsworth
Fun in the Sun

Chris Hemsworth showed off his toned muscles while surfing with his kids

The actor was having some fun in the sun in Byron Bay.

It is no surprise that Chris Hemsworth is in incredible shape and any opportunity he gets to show it off, he will. The 38-year-old was spotted this week with his children shirtless on a beach, enjoying the Australian sun.

Chris Hemsworth on beach©GrosbyGroup

The ‘Thor’ actor was photographed by paparazzi the other day showing off his muscular body on a beach in Byron Bay. The actor’s children, who he shares with wife Elsa Pataky, clearly follow in their parents’ athletic footsteps. Two of the famous children were out catching waves with their dad. All three of them wore wet suits and at one point, the 38-year-old actor peeled off his suit to jog in the sand. Talk about a workout!

Chris Hemsworth body©GrosbyGroup

The entire Hemsworth family is known for being avid gym-goers - his brother Liam and the ‘Thor’ actor’s wife all post about their gym sessions too. Hemsworth reportedly lifts weights everyday, his trainer Luke Zocchi told Eat This, Not That! “For this last Thor, we stuck to a regime of push/pull. It would be split into five days: push for a chest day, pull for back, legs, shoulders, and arms,“ Zocchi explains. ”The biggest thing is supporting that training with nutrition,“ he said in the interview.

The interview also revealed that the actor starts preparing for his movies at least three months prior. “For all those Marvel roles, we start like three months prior. We almost do like a bootcamp,” Zocchi explained. “When we‘re on the role, it’s about maintaining because he‘s filming all day,” Zocchi said.

While a lot of us were binging Netflix shows during the COVID-19 lockdown, Hemsworth was putting in work at the gym. “For this last Thor, Chris is in crazy shape,” Zocchi says. “Because of COVID, and ‘cause we went into lockdown, and because he’s got this new house with a whole gym, we almost went on a year training camp for this role. We went crazy. That‘s why you’ll see he‘s in the best shape he’s ever been in. I don‘t think I’ve ever trained so hard…Our bodies, at the end of it, were almost broken because we went that crazy.”

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