Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth works out hungover and motivates fans

Some people eat menudo and some people do bear crawls when they wake up feeling “low”

Chris Hemsworth wants you to get moving, even if you don’t feel like it. The “Thor: Love and Thunder” star posted a sweaty video on Saturday working out in his backyard and shared a winded message with fans. In the clip, the ripped actor said he woke up that morning feeling flat with motivation levels at an “all-time low.” “Couple of celebratory drinks too many this weekend,” he revealed as a possible cause. But instead of laying around, he thought, “you know what, you did this to yourself, you can undo it, man.” So the hungover giant put on a hat took off his shirt, and got to sweating, with a 15 minute warm-up on the treadmill followed by circuit training, lunges, sprints, bear crawls, push up, sit-ups, and more. “Now I feel 100 percent back to normal. So that‘s the key. If you’re feeling flat, just get moving. Moving creates motivation,” he said before showing video evidence that he really got all that done.

Hemsworth‘s motivational message encouraged people in the comments, “Alright I will get off the couch 😂😂” professional surfer Owen Wright wrote. Another shared just how much they have been helped by the muscle man, “I have a picture of you on my fridge that says “Thor is watching you!!” 😂 I’m down 16 pounds in 1 month,” they commented.

As for who was recording the 38-year old’s workout it could have been his supportive wife Elsa Pataky. She was likely doing the workouts with him too though. The 45-year-old Spanish beauty is toned and fit just like her man and they enjoy working out in the gym together. In March she shared a video doing the same workout as Hemsworth, pushing weights down turf.

The fit couple has a fitness app together called Centr and often encourages fans to join. On October 11th he shared a motivational video that included Pataky for the app, “Join @centrfit now and meet the team of experts who have shaped and inspired me over the years. Get healthier, happier, stronger. You don’t have to make yourself by yourself @centrfit“ he wrote in the caption.