Jennifer Lopez and her bling cup

Jennifer Lopez reveals her latest ‘crazy and pathetic’ obsession

“Um…you don’t want to know.”

Jennifer Lopez is obsessed and she doesn’t care who knows.

In a new video for the singer’s Coach x Jennifer Lopez collaboration, J.Lo talked about her latest obsession: bling cups. In the visual, the 52-year-old revealed that she has so many, she’s lost count of her “crazy and pathetic” collection of custom bedazzled cups.

In one clip, the actress was interviewed by none other than herself, which is where she addressed the “very important, tell-all” question: “How many bling cups do you actually have?”

Unsurprisingly, the star didn’t have a straight answer to give herself, saying simply, “Um…you don’t want to know.”

“No, you don’t know,” Lopez replied back to herself. “You have so many that you actually do not know. It’s actually kind of crazy and pathetic.”

While this is one of the first times Lopez has talked about her obsession, she’s shown off her love for crystal-covered cups for years now. The star often dedicates the designs of them to special projects, including “World of Dance,” her J.Lo Beauty line, and even her performance at President Biden’s inauguration.

Of course, Jenny From The Block also had a special one made for the 2020 Super Bowl. At the time, she showed off several styles created by Teneka Moore, founder of Taylormade Bling Embelishments. She even starred in a commercial where she chases a thief that swiped one of the signature Swarovski cups.

Elsewhere in the Q&A for her Coach x Jennifer Lopez collaboration, the singer talks about the collection and all of her favorite peices. She also reveals what makes this working relationship so special, noting that both her and Coach are New York natives.

“Coach and I have a lot in common. Mostly we believe in the power of being real — in authenticity,” Lopez said in a statement from the brand. “This collection is so Coach and so me. It’s wearable and a little bit glamorous — but also sporty. It’s that mix that really excites me. It‘s the unedited, unfiltered, raw version of us.”

As for her favorite peice from the collection? J.Lo cites the Signature Sweatsuit--but says having to pick just one is like picking a favorite song or a favorite child.

The Coach X Jennifer Lopez collection is now available on the Coach Outlet’s website.

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