Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger looks more like Arnold after 50-day 5 am workout challenge

“Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Last month Patrick Schwarzenegger was seen working out with Joseph Baena and it turns out his half brother was helping him with a workout challenge. Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud to see the changes to his son’s body after working out for 50 days at 5 am. On Thursday, May 6th the actor posted a before and after photo of his ripped physique and said he is “getting in the best shape” of his life both physically and mentally. Patrick revealed that 6 months ago he weighed 163 pounds and had a 13% body percentage but has now gained over 20 pounds and lost an impressive amount of fat for someone who already had very little. Now, Patrick says he weighs 184 pounds with only an 8% body fat percentage.


Per Mens Health, Patrick went into 2021 intending to gain 25 pounds and only has 4 more pounds to reach it. To hold himself accountable he recruited over 400 people to do the challenge and while Patrick wanted to bulk up, some lost 15-30 pounds. He had some word of inspiration and wrote, “The biggest mistake we make is thinking It will come overnight. Everything takes time. That’s why I made the challenge 50 days so people wouldn’t end after the first week.”

For anyone wondering “why 5 am?” Patrick has these 3 answers:

  1. It starts your day with a form of “success” & builds momentum for the rest of your day.
  2. It shows your mind/body your capable of doing something you don’t want to.
  3. It allows you to form small morning rituals/habits that lead to big results over time.

If you want to look like Patrick but love ice cream, don’t worry because he told Men’s Health in March he keeps 5 pints of ice cream in his fridge and has never believed in trendy diets. “I’m just trying to get more calories, more protein, and more complex carbs in my system,” he said. “I’m also trying to eat something before my workouts to have enough energy to get through the workout. Before, it was always an empty stomach and trying to use the fasting to burn off fat.”

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