Joseph Baena
Spawn of Arnold

Patrick Schwarzenegger and half-brother Joseph Baena work out together: pics

Never miss leg day, bro

Patrick Schwarzenegger and his half-brother Joseph Baena are making up for lost time the way bros know best- working out. On Monday morning the male spawns of Arnold Schwarzenegger were spotted at the famous Santa Monica stairs and photographed together for the first time. As we all remember, 7 years ago the Los Angeles Times revealed that the former California Governor and his wife Maria Shriver separated after she learned he fathered a child with a long-time member of their household staff. The member of staff turned out to be their housekeeper Mildred Baena.

Patrick Schwarzenegger joins Joseph Baena©GrosbyGroup
Patrick Schwarzenegger, Joseph Baena and Nicky Dodaj

Arnold told Shriver about his love child when he left office in 2011 and she filed for divorce that same year. According to E! Mildred continued to work for the family until her retirement in January 2014. Things can start getting messy when it comes to “half” or “step” siblings, especially with such a public scandal, so it’s great to see the boys hanging out. It wasn’t just a bro date though, Joseph brought his girlfriend, Nicky Dodaj who looked like she did a great job keeping up.

Patrick Schwarzenegger joins Joseph Baena©GrosbyGroup
Joseph with his girlfriend

Maria and Arnold have another 23-year-old son named Christopher but he stays relatively out of the public eye, occasionally getting photographed out and about grabbing food. Patrick and Joseph are following in their father’s footsteps and are getting more involved in acting with Patrick recently starring in “Moxie, Daniel Isn’t Real” and “Midnight Sun,” and Joseph’s making his big debut in the upcoming flick “The Chariot,” alongside Rosa Salazar, per E!. But it’s safe to say Joseph has the closest resemblance to the “Terminator” star. The Pepperdine graduate and fitness guru is ripped and often posts pics hitting some of Arnold’s signature poses from his body lifting days.