The women’s fans were quick to notice the dress.
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There is controversy surrounding Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez wearing the same designer dress

Jenner and Gomez’s fans had something to say about this.

On Easter, Kendall Jenner posted a sweet photo of herself in what seemed like an innocent floral printed dress that was paired with cowboy boots and Dmy by Dmy sunglasses smiling at the camera while holding a chicken. If the dress looks familiar that’s because another famous celebrity wore the same exact look in a music video.

The 25-year-old model happened to wear the same daisy-printed Rodarte dress that Selena Gomez wore for her “De Una Vez” music video from back in January. Funny enough, although some might think that the singer was the original one to wear this $2,645 dress, Jenner actually wore the designer dress back in January for a photoshoot with Vogue China, according to Page Six.

Fans and followers of both women were quick to notice the similarity as comments on both Jenner’s Instagram photo and Gomez’s music video on YouTube had comments pointing out the familiar dress. “Inspired by the Queen @selenagomez,” said one commented on the model’s photo. “Omg this dress looks like the one from the Una Vez video from Sellie 😍🤩,” another comment read.

On the “Lose You to Love Me” singer’s music video on YouTube, comments read “Fun fact: you’re here coz’ Kendall wears the same dress as Selena.” “Who’s here after seeing Kendall Jenner post with this dress on for Easter? Selena wore it first,” read another comment.

Adding to the controversy, a Jenner fan account posted a Tweet saying,“kendall jenner pulling off this dress better than anyone else,” and Jenner reposted it on her own account and wrote, “had to take it home from set.”

After the Tweets received some backlash from Gomez fans, Jenner ended up deleting the Tweets, according to Elle.