Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber celebrate the singer's birthday

Justin Bieber receives loving birthday tribute from wife Hailey

“Another year around the sun with you”

Hailey Bieber couldn’t be more excited to celebrate her husband’s birthday.

Justin Bieber turned 27 on Monday, March 1, but the couple has been celebrating the milestone for a while. They’re currently vacationing in Europe, where the model posted a sweet tribute to her man in honor of the big day.

“Another year around the sun with you, another year of getting to love you, grow with you and laugh with you,” she wrote on Instagram. “Happy 27th birthday, you are my favorite human and I’m grateful to be by your side❤️”

Bieber responded to the heartfelt message in the comments, simply writing, “😢 I love you baby.”

The slideshow of photos features some memories from the couple’s relationship, which has been going strong for years now. The pictures include the couple dressed in Bieber’s clothing brand, Drew, a dreamy photo from their wedding, and a flick of the two cuddling up to their niece, Iris.

In honor of his own birthday, Justin also posted about the occasion, uploading a throwback picture of himself as a baby.

“Baby me 27 years ago,” he captioned the flick.

Last year, on Bieber’s Youtube docuseries, Seasons, the singer spoke about meeting his now-wife during a 2009 appearance on the TODAY Show.

First time me and Hailey met. Dang. I was on an early morning show and she did not want to be there,” he said at the time. “For most young girls, though, back in the day it was like, ‘We’re going to see Justin Bieber?! Tight! Let’s go!’ She got there, her eyes are like closed... she didn’t care at all.

He continued, “I think she grew up — her dad was kind of in the industry. I think she was a little jaded at the time. I’ll blame it on her jadedness.

In the years since, things have obviously gotten a lot more serious.

Since I was young I always, like, wanted to be married. I always wanted a family,” Bieber shared in the fourth episode of the series. “That was always high on my list, but I didn’t know it would happen so I’m really pumped about it. I’m really happy about it. And I have the sickest chick in the game. She’s so awesome.”

He continued, “Being able to spend my life with someone and know that there’s always that person to go back to... and that I get to share every moment with and that I get to share my life with in moments, it just makes it so much more rewarding.”

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