Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca at home
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Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca open up about becoming parents and their wedding plans

The ‘King Midas’ of finance and his Venezuelan model girlfriend open up their home in Bologna to HOLA! for a revealing interview about their exciting pregnancy

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Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca surprised the world on Mother’s Day with the unexpected, good news that they will become parents for the first time! The special holiday inspired the Italian businessman and the Venezuelan model to post on their social media networks from their Miami penthouse, where they had been quarantining for two months. Shortly after, they both flew to Italy to celebrate the good news in Ginaluca’s home country. It is there that they opened their home in Bologna to sit down exclusively with HOLA! to share more about the joyous announcement like never before.

During the shoot, Gianluca, 52, and Sharon, 25, confessed that the difference in age has not been an obstacle for them at all. Three months pregnant, the future mother expressed that, according to the first ultrasound, it looks like they are having a boy; although the businessman would like to have a baby girl. This is Gianluca and Sharon in their purest form.

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca at home in Italy©Stefano Trovati/SGP
“When I saw Sharon for the first time, I said to myself, ‘That girl is incredibly sexy. Let’s go over there.’ Little did I know I was standing before the future mother of my child and the woman who would make me suffer the most to win her over.”

HOLA!: Gian, a gentleman like you sure won‘t mind if we start with Sharon… 
Gianluca Vacchi: “Of course not. You would be missing out.”

Sharon Fonseca: “First of all, I want to say that we want and fully welcome this baby into our lives because I always knew I would be a mother at some point in my life.”

But maybe not right now?
“Yes, this is true. It has been a surprise in the sense that we had not planned it at all, but when we found out it was on the way…”

The surprise turned into a wish come true.

If the face is the reflection of the soul, as they say in Spain, to you, Gian, fatherhood seems to come to you at the most opportune moment of your life.
“Well yes, it has come at a time of renewed enthusiasm in all I do, a time full of creativity, of many new initiatives at work, in my companies, on social networks... I am very happy.”

It is as if life has given you a chance to start over.

“Yes, that’s true. I am 52 years old, and, as you say, the baby has come at a stage of vital renewal that I embarked on a few years ago. Before, I was always so dedicated to business: lawyers, bankers... meetings were my life. Until one day I decided to change all that.”

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca pose for HOLA!©Stefano Trovati/SGP
“We had not planned this baby, but when we found out it was on the way…the surprise turned into a wish come true,” they admitted to us while posing in the garden in front of the house.

And Sharon burst onto the scene. 
“Yes, Sharon appeared, and from the first moment I saw her, I knew I wanted her to be the mother of my child. It was perfect, although we honestly didn’t plan on being parents now, but, we are happy.”

You must have been very sure to immediately realize that you were standing before the woman you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. 
“I could tell by the serenity that Sharon conveyed to me from the first moment we met. She is an intelligent woman with a good soul. It really is something transcendental if you consider that this person is going to be the mother of your child and that she is going to be part of your life forever.”

Sharon, I’m sure you remember the moment you met each other. 
S: “It was two years ago, and I remember that we were shooting one of the videos of Gian in Miami.”

G: “Back then, I seemed like the type of man that women cannot trust.”

But, on occasions, looks can be deceiving. 
“I was always a very loyal man, very honest and respectful, but let‘s say that I was not the man that a mother would want for her daughter...”

And it was there that you saw Sharon for the first time.
“Yes, on the set where we were shooting the video. I saw an incredibly sexy girl…and I said to myself, ‘Well, well, a Latina Reggaeton lover. Let’s go over there!’ Little did I know that I was standing in front of the future mother of my child and the woman who would make me suffer the most to win her over. She made me suffer a lot, that’s for sure. I thought that that same night she would fall into my net (he laughs), but I was wrong.”

Gian is the type of man to make an impression on you as soon as you meet him. 
“Seeing him for the first time was impressive because he radiates an energy that fills the room. He is a force of nature. When Gian arrived, everyone turned around to see him and you could feel the impact of that energy.”

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca pose in front of his indoor pool©Stefano Trovati/SGP
The Italian businessman is looking forward to this new chapter of fatherhood. “From the first moment I saw Sharon, I knew that she was the woman I would spend the rest of my life with because of the serenity she conveyed to me.” More than one hundred tattoos cover his body. The first one represents his father’s firm, that he had done when he lost him, when he was thirty-three years old. From then on, he started to tell the stories of his life on his skin.

Sharon, you don’t seem that far along.
“I am three months in. This is the stage when you get nausea and dizziness, but I have Gian‘s daily support. My gynecologist is in Miami because I am an American citizen, but I also have one here in Italy.”

Everything seems to indicate that you want the baby to be born in the United States.
“Yes, God willing.”

Even if you, Gian, speak to the baby in Italian.
“I think that I should speak to him in Italian, and Sharon will in Spanish. We will both speak to him in English too.”

It is such a gift to be able to speak many languages. 
“It is, yes. I hope that our child will be a citizen of the world.”

It seems as if you want a little girl. 
“Of course. We are waiting for the new ultrasound so that we can be sure.”

By your gesture, Sharon….
[Laughs] “Well in the last ultrasound the gynecologist said to us that, ‘It could be a boy.’ Honestly, he was not disappointed, but he had had the idea of having a baby girl in his head.”

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca wear matching Gucci sweaters©Stefano Trovati/SGP
In the dining room, having fun and dressed in casual home clothes, Gianluca tells us, “Fatherhood is such a new experience for me, that I want to face this test and see if I am a good father. And if I succeed, then I am open to having a second child.” He adds, “the decoration of the house is coherent with the idea that my style has no style.”

Gian, Sharon is 25 years old, but, everything seems to indicate that the difference in age between you two does not concern you in any way.
“Not at all... if it doesn’t bother her. Even though I have this white beard, my enthusiasm is that of a child.”

But not when it comes to wisdom!
“Without a doubt, because my life is that of a 52-year-old man who has lived through things that have made him mature a lot.”

It costs a lot to always be on top. 
“When you work at a certain level, many times you are left alone with all the responsibility resting on your shoulders.”

And that tends to grow.
“A lot, to the point of being about to lose everything you have achieved, as in my case.”

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You have just bought a house in Miami. 
“We have a penthouse, but we decided to buy a larger villa in which we can watch our son…or our daughter… grow up in.”

For your mother, the fact that you have made her a grandmother must have been...
“Ah my mother…Whenever I talk about her, I get excited and very emotional. She has fought two cancers during her life, the first cost her a leg because it was cut to the hip ... but she won the battle in the end.”

Gian, if it is very painful to talk about, we can change the subject. 
“No, on the contrary. It makes me happy because she is an example to me for so many reasons. I have never in my life seen anyone fight pain like she did. Her dream in life was for me to give her a grandchild. She is a tenacious woman, always smiling ... she has never given anything up for lost. She has never given up. It’s incredible. When I told her that she was going to be a grandmother, she cried for two whole days.”

Something that you have inherited. 
“I always tried to please my father, and he was everything to me, although we were not alike at all because he did not like business or fame, but I inherited all my character, all my tenacity and all my strength from my mother.”

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca at their Bologna home©Stefano Trovati/SGP
Sharon, who was born in Venezuela, studied fashion design in Miami, where she worked as a model and appeared in a television series notes: “Gian is a force of nature.”

Who knows, with a baby, comes a wedding?
“As Sharon was raised by her family with family values, I want my daughter‘s mother to one day be my wife.”

So, you aren’t ruling it out... in the near future. 
“No, but I’m leaving open the possibility of surprising her one day.”

Sharon, you do know that he is capable of anything and that one day he may turn up in his wedding suit and tell you: “We are getting married today.” 
“Yes, of course I do. Knowing him he is capable of anything.”

Let‘s talk about the Gian at home, if you like.
“He is a super deep, well-educated person. He has so many sides to him that words fall short.”

That you would meet a man like him someday surely crossed your mind.
“The truth is not really. Gian is an open book, a man from whom I can learn something different every day, in addition to his spirit and energy...”

Who would have thought you were going to find a woman like Sharon?
“Truthfully, I was always looking for her.”

But also, the credit is yours ... for being found.
“It’s true. Sharon searched through all my nooks and crannies.”

After one child may come another?
“I first want to face this new experience and see if I am a good father.”

You will see that you are, I’m sure. 
“Well, in that case, I am open to having a second child.”

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