Eva Longoria speaks out against hate, encourages everyone to choose 'humanity'

The actress was one of the many celebrities to pen a letter of support to the Hispanic community

Eva Longoria is speaking out about the importance of being vocal against hate. The Grand Hotel producer was one of the many LatinX entertainers who signed a letter of support to the Latino Community after the ICE Raids and the El Paso shooting. “We’re facing a moral crisis in our country, and we chose to use this moment to raise our voices, and speak up,” she said in a press release. “Integrity starts with looking in the mirror and this letter calls on everyone, not just our community, to choose humanity and decency over hate and violence.”


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Eva Longoria is encouraging people to speak out against hatred 

Eva, 44, along with America Ferrera, Diana Guerrero, Rosario Dawson, Gina Torres, Salma Hayek, Ricky Martin, Lin-Manuel-Miranda, Zoe Saldana and more penned an inspiring letter of hope to the Hispanic community reassuring them, that there’s nothing to fear. “We will not be broken. We will not be silenced. We will continue to denounce any hateful and inhumane treatment of our community,” the letter read.


“We will demand dignity and justice.” It continued: “Though real pain and fear are sweeping through our communities, we remain powerful. The indignities and cruelty we have endured will never change the truth that the contributions we make to this country are invaluable. Our humanity must be respected. And, we won’t stop organizing ourselves, our children and the soul of this nation.” Eva, who is a native of Texas, spoke out in the aftermath of the shootings that took place earlier this month in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, which led to upwards of 31 deaths and numerous injuries.

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The Grand Hotel producer is one of the many celebrities to pen a letter of support and hope to the Hispanic community 

I can’t talk about it, now as a mom, everything makes me cry. I think, that could have been my child, that could have been my mother. My mother goes to Walmart three times a day,” the Desperate Housewives alum said on the Today Show. “It’s always heartbreaking and horrifying. People think it’s inevitable. That’s the problem, people aren’t really aggregating or getting outraged because it’s not in their state or it’s not their child or it’s not their mom. But you have to think, that was somebody’s mom, that is somebody’s family member, it is somebody’s friend.”

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