Nearly a month after Cameron Boyce’s sudden death, neither his family nor his friends and fans can believe that his smile is forever gone; the Disney actor was just 20 years old. Questions about what happened to him began to arise from the very beginning. At the time, it was revealed that his passing was due to natural causes, mainly to a disease that he suffered from a long time ago. Even though his family and the authorities opted to keep silent back then, it was nonetheless stated that Cameron was diagnosed with epilepsy. Finally, the cause of the actor’s death has been announced.


Cameron Boyce was only 20 years old when he was found dead in his home in Los Angeles

As previously informed, Cameron Boyce died due to natural causes, according to People. “The coroner determines that actor Cameron Boyce’s cause of death was an unexpected and sudden death from epilepsy,” the site informs.

According to the details in the article, the autopsy was performed two days after the young Hollywood star was found dead in his home in Los Angeles, but the cause that took his life had not been specified back then. However, "after additional tests it was determined that the cause was sudden death from epilepsy,” the official report states.

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Cameron Boyce, a boy who left a huge void in the hearts of his friends and fans

Cameron Boyce became famous thanks to the Descendants saga, where he worked alongside Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron, and Booboo Stewart. Facing the sad news was not easy for Cameron’s castmates, especially since it happened not long before the premiere of the third installment of Disney’s iconic TV movie.

Cameron Boyce y Dove CameronVIEW GALLERY

The actor was Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron, and Booboo Stewart’s close friend

Dove Cameron was one of the most affected. The young actress had to search for professional help to deal with her loss and grief. By means of a video published on her social media, she was able to finally open up her heart and reveal how terribly she felt for having lost one of her friends.

“Everyone keeps talking about how talented he was, and he was undoubtedly the most talented person most of us will ever know. But what was special about Cameron was who he was in the small moments...the moments in between the big ones when he didn’t have to be good or kind, Cameron was always good and kind,” she said tearfully.

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