Father and son viral conversation turned Denny's ad

A star is born: Watch - Viral dad and baby talking on couch land adorable Dennys ad


They’re back! DJ and Kingston Pryor, the father and his baby son, who went viral after having a full-on conversation while watching TV are back to bring us an adorable moment of joy. If you need a quick recap, the father and his baby boy were sitting on the couch discussing what they were seeing on TV and although his son was talking gibberish, his father pretends to know what he’s saying and quickly replies with excitement. This time, it’s a similar scenario, however, with a different setting as they’re now featured in an ad for Denny’s.

Father and son viral conversation turned Denny's ad©Hola
DJ and Kingston Pryor were tapped to be themselves for adorable Denny's ad

The classic diner spot tapped the duo for a sweet Father’s Day moment, and you will melt all over again. In the short clip, the dad and his little guy are having breakfast at Denny’s for some quality father-son time. “It’s perfect that we came here to have a booth chat just amongst father and son, right,” says the dad. And of course, his son has something to say in response to that. Although we aren’t able to translate, it’s pretty clear he’s having a good time being his usual self and playing with some straws.

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The ad becomes even more endearing when the baby takes a piece of bacon and feeds it to his dad. “The bacon was amazing, you’re right!” he replies after baby Kingston lets out a comment in baby talk. But the most “awww” moment of all is towards the end when the precious child stands up and gives his papa a big hug. “Thank you for bringing daddy here, I appreciate you,” says DJ – cuteness overload!

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