Hollywood's hottest bombshells: From Bardot to Beyoncé and beyond

Since the dawn of silent films to the digital age of today, the appeal of the sweet and sultry Hollywood bombshell has retained its allure, with a new generation of heartbreakers turning up the heat, while still hearkening back to their sexy forebears.

Last month, two prototypes of the bombshell -- Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot -- both turned 80 years old. While marking these milestones, both starlets looked as gorgeous as ever.

Born in Italy's capital city of Rome, Sophia embarked on a career in acting at 14. By the age of 20, she'd earned a five-film contract with Paramount Pictures. Her roles in <i>Arabesque</i> and <i>Five Miles to Midnight</i> won her acclaim, but it was her leading role in <i>La Ciociara</i> in 1962 that earned Sophia her first Oscar.

An accomplished actress as well as a ravishing beauty, Sophia stayed grounded, famously saying, "Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got."

French beauty Brigitte Bardot, meanwhile, boasted a look that was different look from Sophia's, but no less stunning. With signature cat eyes, voluminous blonde hair and curves that could bring admirers to their knees, Bardot personified a timeless era of gorgeousness. Practically the definition of a bombshell, Brigitte graced the screen in over 50 films, was a regular on fashion magazine covers the world over. A tireless advocate for animal rights, Brigitte used her platform to promote her passion.

While these two ladies are genuine Hollywood icons, here are a few bombshells of today who are following Sophia and Brigitte's footsteps by carrying on the sexy title with style, substance, confidence -- and of course a dash of signature sass.


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